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Abraham & Roetzel Joined MDV-SEIA as a Bronze Sponsor for Solar Focus 2013


Nov 13


Abraham & Roetzel joined MDV-SEIA as a Bronze Sponsor for the 7th annual Solar Focus Conference.  MDV-SEIA is proud to partner on this event with Abraham & Roetzel, a longtime supporter of the organization’s efforts and an active solar stakeholder in the Mid-Atlantic. We had a chance to catch up with the Abraham & Roetzel’s team to learn more about the company and their thoughts on East Coast solar.

MDV-SEIA:  Tell us a little bit about your company

Abraham & Roetzel: We are a boutique government relations firm specializing in energy, national defense, homeland security, transportation and other heavy industry sectors.

MDV-SEIA:  What markets do you operate in?

Abraham & Roetzel: We work in both the Executive and Congressional branches, with a strong expertise and operation in federal procurement and funding programs.  Headed by former Secretary of Energy and Michigan Senator Spence Abraham, we are able  a comprehensive range of government affairs and issue management services for our clients.

MDV-SEIA:  What opportunities do you see for distributed solar on the East Coast?

Abraham & Roetzel: Public-Private Partnerships, at all levels of government, provides a great opportunity for smaller scale solar projects in this less solar dense region of the US.

MDV-SEIA:  What challenges do you see?

Abraham & Roetzel: Low and unpredictable SREC prices.  Unrealistic pricing expectations by solar consumers (especially government agencies looking to construct new onsite solar facilities).

MDV-SEIA:  Whether east Coast or West Coast, which state/utility level programs or policies do you see as being a good model for others to follow?

Abraham & Roetzel: The DoD/Army Multiple Award Task Order PPA Contract for renewable and alternative energy services on military installations either will be a boon or an absolute bust, mostly dependent on the kW/hour price the DoD is willing to pay.  But the PPP structure and opportunity is ground breaking.

About Abraham & Roetzel

Abraham & Roetzel is a bi-partisan government affairs and issue management firm offering a comprehensive range of services to clients. We offer clients the experience, insight, and expertise of extensive service as official policymakers and political advisors at all levels of government. Our firm principals include a former Cabinet Member, U.S. Senator, top officials to Members of Congress and at federal government agencies, and in the Pennsylvania Commonwealth government. Through our partnership with the Ohio-based law firm of Roetzel & Andress we can access one of country’s leading environmental law firms, with strong state government experience and access in Florida. Our policy expertise is also complemented by strong political instincts honed over many years of experience leading federal and state campaigns.

Led by former Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham, Abraham & Roetzel builds upon the Secretary’s exceptional professional experience. During his four years as Secretary of Energy, Secretary Abraham was widely respected for his expertise and steady leadership during times of crisis, including the California and Northeast U.S. blackouts as well as liaison with OPEC leaders during the lead up to the war in Iraq. We have the experience and expertise on these complex energy and natural resources issues as well as strong relationships with key policy makers to assist our clients.

Abraham & Roetzel possesses a deep, technical understanding of the federal and State legislative and regulatory process, beyond simply being able to regurgitate database query results. Abraham & Roetzel’s professionals have written and shepherded numerous legislative and regulatory proposals through their respective federal and State processes. As importantly, Abraham & Roetzel’s team also has intimate experience in working from outside the government on such legislative and regulatory issues, often to bring about final enactment, but often times too to successfully prevent it.

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Founded in 1984, MDV-SEIA represents the interests of photovoltaic and solar thermal developers, financiers, equipment manufacturers, installers, distributors and component suppliers serving Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Virginia. Our members design, sell, integrate, install, maintain and finance solar energy equipment for residential, commercial and institutional customers throughout the region.

MDV-SEIA delivers on policy formation and advocacy, market representation, networking, education, and additional benefits to our 100+ members representing more than 2,000 direct jobs in our region. In the last few years, MDV-SEIA’s leadership has resulted in increased state requirements as well as increased penalties for non-compliance, creation of a solar thermal market, improvements to net metering, and game changing gains in the deployment of solar.

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