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Baltimore County Electrical Inspection Changes


Feb 16


1.      Effective March 1, 2016 Baltimore County Electrical Inspections will suspend the requirement for PV Solar Rough Wire inspections until further notice. If you would like to meet with the inspector prior to Final inspection you may schedule an ‘Information’ inspection (#213).

2.      Final inspections are required and must be attended by a qualified employee of the licensed electrical contractor.

3.      Photographs of the work on the roof and in the attic must be provided upon inspection. Baltimore County will not print photos from a file. The photos are for the inspectors use on inspection.

4.      Support rails and racks must be supported by the structure. On a pitched roof the supports must be attached to the roof trusses or rafters. THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!!  We are seeing more and more improperly supported arrays. Supporting arrays to the sheathing instead of the structural members will result in substantial roof damage. Provide photographs which clearly show that the support system is secured to the buildings’ structural members.

5.      Be sure to verify the condition of the electrical service before you tie into it. Baltimore County will not allow you to connect to a defective electrical service. If the service must be repaired or replaced a permit for such work is required.

6.      Rapid Shutdown Systems must reduce the voltage to no more than 30 volts and 240 volt-amperes within 10 seconds of initiation. Please make sure that the qualified person on the job is provided the training and tools necessary to demonstrate the operation of the RSS.

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