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CleanChoice Energy joins MDV-SEIA as a sponsor for the 10th annual Solar Focus Conference


Oct 16


CleanChoice Energy joins MDV-SEIA as a sponsor for the 10th annual Solar Focus Conference. MDV-SEIA is proud to partner on this event with CleanChoice Energy, an active national and regional solar stakeholder in the Mid-Atlantic.

About CleanChoice Energy

CleanChoice Energy is a 100% renewable electricity supplier and stands as one of the top renewable energy suppliers in the deregulated markets. The company’s mission is to transform the U.S. electricity market by switching homes and businesses to clean energy. CleanChoice Energy serves over 70,000 residential customers and operates in eight states.

CleanChoice Energy recognizes the opportunities and challenges for solar on the East Coast. For instance, community solar presents an opportunity for residential consumers to participate in the renewable energy market at a price point similar to, or less than, what they would otherwise pay for traditional electricity. However, there is a limited supply of community solar projects available, making it difficult to bring the market to scale. CleanChoice Energy aims to partner with reputable developers in key markets. These partnerships will enable CleanChoice Energy and developers to create sizeable residential solutions, helping to grow the community solar market.

CleanChoice Energy has made unique contributions to solar as one of the first retail companies to provide consumers with only 100% clean, renewable energy supply. This means that when consumers choose CleanChoice Energy’s retail product, they are making the largest positive environmental impact possible with their electric bill. CleanChoice Energy’s extensive experience delivering renewable energy to residential customers establishes it as a leader in community solar. With an existing base of customers interested in community solar and proven marketing strategies for bringing in new customers, CleanChoice Energy is prepared to make clean energy accessible to more consumers than ever through community solar.

CleanChoice also takes front-seat leadership role when it comes to policy decisions. CleanChoice Energy was one of the founders of the Coalition for Community Solar Access and is an active member of MDV SEIA.



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