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DC Interconnection; Order No. 18113


Mar 16


The PSC has issued order No. 18113 in response to concerns raised during the July 21st, 2015 hearing MDV-SEIA and others testified in regarding delays, billing errors, etc. Based on input from the hearing, the Commission’s conclusions were that several changes need to be made to interconnection processes:

  • The reports and the testimony indicate that there are issues related to the application process, the timely processing of applications, customer service for customers seeking to be interconnected and the billing of net metering customers that still need to be addressed. The PSC will shortly be issuing a separate order that addresses the issues raised in the Annual Report and in the hearing
  • The PSC directs Pepco to explain errors on it’s Annual Report for 2014 (RE: Total application received column)
  • PSC requests the addition of a table including information about withdrawals, denials, and total received and deemed complete applications.
  • PSC directs Pepco to provide more detailed information in future annual interconnection reports beginning with the 2015 Annual Interconnection Report as to why a customer decides not to proceed with an interconnection project so the Commission has a complete understanding of the reason why an application is no longer being processed.
  • Commission directs Pepco to submit a list of the names, locations, fuel type, and kW capacities of the Level 2, 3 and 4 facilities approved during a reporting year.

RE: Compliance with Order No. 17379

  • The Commission finds that Pepco has made its website more user-friendly, per the order.
  • The Commission is concerned about the number of incomplete applications, and will address it in a forthcoming order.
  • The Commission orders Pepco to include information about the number of unauthorized interconnections as part of the Annual Interconnection Report

Essentially, we’ll have to wait for the order which the PSC expects to release shortly in order to find out how they plan to address all of the major issues raised this summer. MDV-SEIA will provide another update when that order is available. The full order for 18113 is available online here.

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