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Governor McAuliffe signs Virginia Energy Bills


May 17


MDV-SEIA is excited to announce that the Virginia solar industry scored a huge win as Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe signed 11 clean energy and energy efficiency bills into law earlier today. Among the signed legislation are  SB 1393, SB 1394/HB2303, and SB 1395, bills which MDV-SEIA supported through the collaborative effort known as the Rubin Group.   

“SB 1393 – Senator Frank Wagner – Authorizes Community Solar Pilot Programs

SB 1393 creates a path for the creation of community solar programs in the service territories of Appalachian Power Company (ApCo), Dominion, and the Electric Cooperatives.  Each utility will develop its own territory-specific program that allows citizens and businesses the ability to “subscribe” to receive electricity generated by a small centrally-located solar generation system.  

SB 1394/HB 2303 – Senator Frank Wagner and Delegate Randy Minchew – Establishes Small Agricultural Generators Program

SB 1394 and HB 2303 are identical bills that create a new framework for the generation of renewable energy at agricultural facilities and how that energy can be sold to utilities.  This bill was put forward by the so-called “Rubin Group.”

SB 1395 – Senator Frank Wagner – Size of projects eligible for Permit by Rule

SB 1395 increases the allowable maximum size of renewable projects to be eligible to be permitted through the Permit by Rule (PBR) process from 100MW to 125MW.  It also exempts projects that are being built for use by a single customer of a utility from having to apply for and receive a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity from the SCC. This bill was put forward by the so-called “Rubin Group.”

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