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Solar Grid Storage Joins MDV-SEIA as a Silver Sponsor for Solar Focus 2013


Oct 13



Solar Grid Storage joins MDV-SEIA as a Silver Sponsor for the 7th annual Solar Focus Conference. MDV-SEIA is proud to partner on this event with Solar Grid Storage, a  supporter of the organization’s efforts and an active solar stakeholder in the Mid-Atlantic. We had a chance to catch up with the Solar Grid Storage team to learn more about the company and their thoughts on East Coast solar.

MDV-SEIA:  Tell us a little bit about Solar Grid Storage.

Solar Grid Storage:  Solar Grid Storage is a company of solar veterans and battery experts that has developed a groundbreaking business model to enable batteries to be added to commercial solar photovoltaic (PV) installations, all while lowering costs and adding new benefits. Its PowerFactor™ systems provide all standard PV functions while unlocking innovative new uses of solar energy that are realized at virtually no cost to the host, and can provide emergency power during outages, reduce demand charges, and help grid operators balance power on the grid.

MDV-SEIA: What markets do you operate in? 

Solar Grid Storage: Our primary markets are in the 14-state PJM service territory but our business model can be effective in other markets as well. California has put in place a large storage procurement requirement for the next few years, which we plan to participate in.

MDV-SEIA: What opportunities do you see for distributed solar on the East Coast?

Solar Grid Storage: Distributed solar is the opportunity on the East Coast where land is at a premium and many better suited alternatives such as rooftops, parking areas, brownfields and landfills are appropriate and underused areas for PV development. I believe solar markets in the East will accelerate its already rapid growth as PV costs continue to decline and new benefits enabled by storage are realized. In fact, I predict the industry will blow by even the most aggressive renewable portfolio standards over the next few years.

MDV-SEIA:  What challenges do you see?

Solar Grid Storage: Maintaining good solar policy and overcoming utility resistance to the inevitable transformation of the utility industry to distributed generation and the smart grid.

MDV-SEIA: Whether East Coast or West Coast, which state/utility level programs or policies do you see as being a good model for others to follow?

Solar Grid Storage: No one state has a monopoly on good solar policy but clearly California, New Jersey and Maryland have been leaders. All states need to adopt similar or better programs, and at some point, a rational and comprehensive national energy plan needs to be put in place.

About Solar Grid Storage

Solar Grid Storage is a company of highly successful solar veterans and entrepreneurs who have developed an innovative model to allow batteries to be added to commercial PV projects. Solar Grid Storage’s technical expertise, industry insight, and proprietary business model allow us to integrate storage into solar installations while lowering costs. Simply put, Solar Grid Storage is ushering in the grid of the future.


Founded in 1984, MDV-SEIA represents the interests of photovoltaic and solar thermal developers, financiers, equipment manufacturers, installers, distributors and component suppliers serving Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Virginia. Our members design, sell, integrate, install, maintain and financesolar energy equipment for residential, commercial and institutional customers throughout the region.

MDV-SEIA delivers on policy formation and advocacy, market representation, networking, education, and additional benefits to our 100+ members representing more than 2,000 direct jobs in our region. In the last few years, MDV-SEIA’s leadership has resulted in increased state requirements as well as increased penalties for non-compliance, creation of a solar thermal market, improvements to net metering, and game changing gains in the deployment of solar.

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