Rick Peters

Rick Peters is the president of Solar Energy Services, Inc. (SES) where he manages administration, sales and marketing for the company.

Rick holds a mechanical engineering degree from Marquette University and an MBA from the University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business. Prior to entering the solar industry, Rick’s 9-year executive leadership position in Sales and Marketing of an information technology services company was instrumental in growing the firm of 14 employees to more than 100.

His previous positions build a broad base of experience that includes: civilian engineering project manager in submarine silencing for the US Navy; and various manufacturing management positions for a Fortune 500 packaging manufacturer. Rick is active in regional solar policy initiatives and he has served as former President and current member of the board of directors of the Maryland/DC/Virginia Solar Energy Industries Association (MDV-SEIA) since 2010. Rick invests time in education and market development for various solar technologies. Rick’s lifelong support for environmental concerns coupled with his extensive business experience has positioned him well for advancing SES while pursuing his passion.

I am asking for your support as a candidate to represent you on the board of directors for MDV-SEIA. I’ve been a member of MDV-SEIA since entering the solar industry in 2008. I’ve been an active board member since 2010, serving as board president for three of those years; helping to navigate the organization through some turbulent times. In my MDV-SEIA role, I’ve participated in many legislative campaigns, primarily in Maryland, but also Virginia and DC.

Through my business experience, I primarily bring a distributed generation perspective to the board but I have, and will continue to advocate for a balanced solar market in our region, for the good of the entire solar industry. In my belief that balance should take into consideration broad costs/benefits including energy economics, jobs, societal benefits and other values that are applied to our industry’s various energy services.

If re-elected as a board member I pledge to continue to represent the membership honestly and fairly.