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We are Proud to Introduce the Title Sponsor of Solar Focus 2017: 174 Power Global


Oct 17


MDV-SEIA is pleased to partner with 174 Power Global (174PG) as Title Sponsor for the 11th annual Solar Focus Conference. 174PG is a key utility scale solar developer, effectively guaranteeing the performance and completion of various projects. Its support in the conference is immensely honored and appreciated.

About 174 Power Global

174 Power Global (174PG) is a national scope, utility scale solar developer with >500MW of completed projects. 174PG is a member of the international, vertically-integrated Hanwha Group – a $100 billion Fortune 100 corporation which includes Hanwha Q CELLS, the second largest module manufacturer with >2.6GW capacity. 174 Power Global brings all essential project variables under singular control – from products and pricing, to financing, construction and ownership – to guarantee project completion and performance.


What markets do you operate in?

174PG operates in all North American markets including the U.S., Mexico and Canada. Mid-Atlantic regional leadership is provided by Geoffrey Underwood – a 20+ year resident and 10+ year veteran of eastern solar markets – currently focused on development of the Virginia market.

Tell us a little bit about your company, including how many MWs/GWs of solar is in your East Coast portfolio.

Hanwha Chemical was an original supplier to the photovoltaic industry emerging in the 2000s – and progressively moved upstream to include ingots/wafers, cells, modules, development, construction, financing and IPP ownership. 174PG has been active in east coast markets for 8 years – resulting in a large pipeline of contracted and in- development projects. Currently, primary eastern focus is Virginia and PJM markets.

What opportunities and challenges do you see for solar on the East Coast?

The near-viability of large-scale PURPA/QF projects in eastern markets is likely to be met with subtle and oblique challenges from incumbent utilities – complicating project financing and closings despite clear federal directives (if not enforcement). At the same
time, development efforts to achieve scale required project scale – requiring large green and agricultural land tracts – are likely to strain local permitting systems and public support.

How does your company plan to be involved in influencing the solar industry over the next few years?

174PG intends to be actively involved at a national and local level to support sustainable and long-term solar markets, and policies that policies that promote level, fair and transparent competition.

Has your company made any unique or innovative contributions to solar?

174PG (operating as Hanwha Q CELLS) was the first developer to overcome significant obstacles to permit, construct and complete a utility-scale project on an active USEPA Superfund site in 2005 (Project Maywood, Indianapolis IN, 10.83MW). Currently, more than 10+ projects nationally are in development on USEPA Superfund sites – creating a virtuous cycle of reuse and reclamation.

Which policies, incentives, or regulatory changes have had the most impact on your business and what is missing that your company could benefit from?

The lack of PURPA oversight by FERC and related contortions IOUs have pursued to self-perform/rate base renewables projects, despite clear evidence of cost-competitiveness in third-party sale/PPA options.

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