MD DC DE VA Solar Energy Industries Association



Our members design, sell, integrate, install, maintain and finance solar energy equipment for residential, commercial, and institutional customers throughout the region. Among our ranks are the accountants, attorneys, builders, architects, electricians, plumbers, and consultants that support the solar industries. We analyze and communicate the market impacts of state and local energy policy, but more importantly, we help to shape these policies in Maryland, the District of Columbia, Delaware, and Virginia. In the last two years alone, MDV-SEIA’s leadership has resulted in expanding community solar programs, increasing state-level incentives in Maryland and the District, and providing education to further expand development and access to clean energy technologies. 

As an MDV-SEIA member, you are a part of an organization that is recognized for its commitment to maintaining the highest ethical standards for the solar energy industry. All member companies have agreed to adhere to MDV-SEIA’s Code of Ethics and understand that MDV-SEIA will take steps to uphold that commitment against any member company that violates our code of ethics.

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